Collaboration within Industry

MPQC (Mineral Products Qualifications Council) collaborates with other membership organisations witihin the mineral products industry in a number of ways, including:

  • Developing and delivering training and qualifications: MPQC works with industry to develop and deliver training and qualifications that meet the needs of the sector. This includes apprenticeships, NVQs, and other courses.
  • Providing advice and guidance: MPQC provides advice and guidance to employers and employees on a range of issues, such as health and safety, quality, and sustainability.
  • Setting standards: MPQC sets standards for the mineral products industry. These standards are used to ensure that products and services meet the required levels of quality and safety.
  • Research and development: MPQC undertakes research and development to identify new ways to improve the performance of the mineral products industry. This includes research into new materials, processes, and technologies.
  • Advocating for the industry: MPQC advocates for the mineral products industry on a range of issues, such as regulation, taxation, and environmental policy.

MPQC's collaboration with the mineral products industry helps to ensure that the sector has the skilled workforce, high-quality products, and innovative technologies it needs to succeed.

  • Improved skills and knowledge: MPQC's training and qualifications help to improve the skills and knowledge of the workforce, which leads to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Increased safety: MPQC's work on health and safety helps to reduce accidents and injuries, which saves businesses money and improves employee morale.
  • Improved quality: MPQC's work on quality helps to ensure that products meet the required standards, which reduces customer complaints and improves sales.
  • Reduced environmental impact: MPQC's work on sustainability helps to reduce the environmental impact of the industry, which makes it more attractive to investors and customers.

MPQC's collaboration with the mineral products industry helps to make the sector more competitive, efficient, and sustainable.

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